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Five inspirational quotes from the Sorenson Impact Summit

The seventh annual Sorenson Impact Summit with SOCAP Global took place May 25 through May 27. The summit featured three days of inspirational conversations around innovations in impact investing, building equitable entrepreneur ecosystems, the future of higher education, and using data to drive impact. This year, the summit gathered virtually, with the objective of delivering a more inclusive and accessible summit. For three days, [...]

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Q&A: The University Venture Fund, with Eccles School Dean Taylor Randall

The Sorenson Impact Center recently announced the successful first-round close of University Venture Fund — Impact Investing, or UVF II, an $8.2 million fund that follows on the heels of the original University Venture Fund. With that in mind, we sat down with Dean Taylor Randall of the David Eccles School of Business to look back on the first fund, and the role of [...]

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Lessons from the Millennial Impact Report from Sorenson Impact students

When Calvin Pape interned at the Sorenson Impact Center in Salt Lake City in May 2018, his capitalist mindset was hard-earned. Between having to work part time jobs from when he was 14 and being raised by divorced parents busy with their own lives, “It wasn’t all flowers and unicorns growing up,” he says. It taught the 20-year-old David Eccles School of Business student [...]

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Q&A: The next frontier of impact investing, with Jim Sorenson

Impact investing is "the next place" according to our founder, Jim Sorenson.  We sat down with him to talk about what got him started in the social impact sphere and where he sees it heading in the future. Q: How did you first learn about impact investing, and what attracted you to it? A: Before impact investing, I was an entrepreneur looking for innovative [...]

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See how University of Utah students contributed to an investment in Liberty & Justice

Liberty & Justice is obviously having a huge impact on its community in Liberia. But the company has also changed the lives of the students at Sorenson Impact Center who worked on securing funding. Impact fellows work with real money and real companies — just like Liberty & Justice — to gain experience that will benefit them in their careers. “One thing they do [...]

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The ethical implications of fair trade

Fair trade. Those two little words emblazoned on your coffee cup may make you feel like you are saving the world one latte at a time, but do they really have the societal impact you are hoping for? They might, and they might not. It’s an ethical dilemma that requires a burden of responsibility on three parties — the consumer, the agency verifying the [...]

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Q&A: How Kickstarter is disrupting the startup landscape

Venture capital has long been seen as the go-to funding source for startup companies, fueling disruptive innovation with multi-million dollar investments in companies that have become household names. But now the disrupter is getting disrupted, with crowd-funding models like Kickstarter changing the landscape by allowing entrepreneurs to reach out directly to their audience for funding. To better understand this phenomenon, we sat down with [...]

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