Daniels Fund Ethics

Congrats to the ethics undergraduate case competition winners!

Students from the David Eccles School of Business participated in near-record numbers in this academic year's Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Undergraduate Case Competition. Fourteen teams participated in the competition, which was held in the GARFF Auditorium on Friday, Nov. 18. Student contended with a hypothetical, real-world situation regarding private medical information overheard in a workplace. The teams each had a couple of weeks [...]

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Yale professor details importance of CEO integrity to success

Yale Associate Professor Thomas Steffen addressed the importance of CEO integrity to business success on Nov. 4, 2022. Steffen presented findings from his research on the importance of integrity for CEOs. In an IBM survey from 2010 of 1,500 CEOs in 60 countries and 33 industries, the top two traits CEOs valued in their leadership qualities were creativity first and integrity a close second. [...]

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