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Congrats to the ethics undergraduate case competition winners!

Students from the David Eccles School of Business participated in near-record numbers in this academic year's Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Undergraduate Case Competition. Fourteen teams participated in the competition, which was held in the GARFF Auditorium on Friday, Nov. 18. Student contended with a hypothetical, real-world situation regarding private medical information overheard in a workplace. The teams each had a couple of weeks [...]

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Yale professor details importance of CEO integrity to success

Yale Associate Professor Thomas Steffen addressed the importance of CEO integrity to business success on Nov. 4, 2022. Steffen presented findings from his research on the importance of integrity for CEOs. In an IBM survey from 2010 of 1,500 CEOs in 60 countries and 33 industries, the top two traits CEOs valued in their leadership qualities were creativity first and integrity a close second. [...]

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Professor McKenzie Rees shares how to stay ethical during a negotiation

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and the Ethics Club hosted Kenzie Rees, an assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resources at Brigham Young University to discuss “Being an Ethical Negotiator: The Benefits and How to Get Them.” During her Nov. 2 presentation to more than 300 students in-person and online, Rees emphasized that everyone engages in negotiations on a nearly daily basis. She [...]

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Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative honors students, faculty, staff

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at the David Eccles School of Business hosted its annual awards luncheon in September, honoring award recipients, interns, case competition winners, and more. The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative's goal is to strengthen principle-based ethics education and instill a high standard of ethics in the next generation of business leaders. The Daniels Fund, based in Colorado, sponsors the [...]

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Congratulations to the Utah Ethical Leadership Award recipients

Six businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that embody the spirit of ethical leadership were recognized at the 2021 Utah Ethical Leadership Awards. The awards recognize organizations that embody the spirit of ethical leadership exhibited by Bill Daniels, a pioneer in the modern cable industry and former owner of the Utah Stars. Daniels believed deeply in ethics and integrity, and the importance of absolute ethical [...]

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Arthur Brief named 2021 Distinguished Educator by Academy of Management

Congratulations to Arthur Brief, who has been named the 2021 Distinguished Educator by the Academy of Management. Brief is the George S. Eccles Chair in Business Ethics and Presidential Professor Emeritus at the Eccles School. "The committee found especially noteworthy your attention to, mentorship, and intellectual development of a great number of graduate students and junior faculty (at your institution or elsewhere!) who have [...]

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Teams take 2nd place in national ethics case competition

Congratulations to both the undergraduate and graduate teams for their respective 2nd place wins in the national Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Case Competition. A total of 11 undergraduate and 11 graduate teams participated in the national competition, which was held virtually. The student teams analyzed ethical issues surrounding a tech company preparing for an IPO. They had a few weeks to prepare the case. [...]

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12 faculty, staff honored with 2019-20 Ethics Education Award

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at the David Eccles School of Business has selected 12 individuals at the Eccles School and across the University of Utah as winners of the Ethics Education Award for the 2019-2020 school year. Nine of the winners were chosen on behalf of our faculty for their successful efforts to create new ethics-related courses, to integrate new business ethics content [...]

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Congrats to the winners of Daniels Fund ethics case competition

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah held its annual Undergraduate Ethics Case Competition on Friday, Feb. 12. Student teams acted as an ethics-based consulting firm as they tackled a case that presented a real-world ethical dilemma. Student teams had several days to prepare their initial analysis using the principle-based ethics set [...]

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Ethics Club speaker dives into world of ethical hacking

On Tuesday, Feb. 2, the David Eccles School of Business’ Ethics Club was fortunate to hear from Elizabeth Rogers, who is currently a part of the Michael Best Privacy and Cybersecurity Team. Rogers focused her presentation on ethical hacking, which consists of legally breaking into computers and devices to test an organization’s internal defenses. These White-Hat hackers are oftentimes sought out by the [...]

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