Several students are taking business classes in Paris through a summer program sponsored by the David Eccles School of Business, exploring the city, its culture and its business landscape. We’ll be sharing several of their experiences here. 

Here, student Ashton Meeks writes about arrondissment #2, one of the city’s 20 distinct districts: 

I am a senior (still can’t believe it) at the University of Utah where I am studying Finance. And I am about to embark on the journey of a lifetime in beautiful Paris, France. I will be studying International Finance and I will also be doing an independent study for four weeks, as I explore the different arrondissements of Paris.

Arrondissement #2

As we have been exploring the different arrondissements, I have noticed a commercial business “theme.” Each arrondissement seems to have a business that is particularly prominent. This arrondissement had dress shops everywhere. Formal dresses, casual dresses, and even just women’s clothing shops. This arrondissement is really tiny, and we walked basically from one end to the other in about 45 minutes. There really isn’t a lot of tourism in this arrondissement, which I noticed pretty quickly. We stood out because of all the photos we were taking, and because of how lost we apparently looked. A woman even came up to us to help us figure out where we were going, which we thought was really nice. Overall, this was a unique arrondissement, but I don’t think I would visit it again for any intentional purpose.

It took us forever to find a two-star hotel in this arrondissement. Granted, we weren’t super-prepared for finding a hotel. I