Editor’s Note: Claire Harless is a Business Scholar who recently visited Atlanta on a school trip, exploring companies such as Delta, Chik-Fil-A and Porsche. Here is what she took away from the experience.

Claire Harless Headshot

When you hear Porsche, what comes to mind? Fast, luxury cars? Another German car company? Porsche is that company, but so much more.

A group of forty Business Scholars had the opportunity to visit Porsche and were able to talk with top executives. As we toured their U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, they explained to us that personal fitness plays a key role in their professional drivers’ life. If you are ever lucky enough to visit Porsche’s headquarters, you can meet with one of Porsche’s trainers and learn about the different workouts that will help you stay in the best driving shape.

In addition to exploring the facilities and watching the cars maneuver around the track, we were able to take a look under the hood at different parts of three different parts of the business strategy. We first learned learned that Porsche competes with Lexus, Mercedes-Benz as well as with car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Porsche needs to compete in both sets of markets, while maintaining the brand’s reputation and legacy. Next we learned that Porsche strategically combines form with function. They explained that every curve you see on one of Porsche’s models is there to perform a specific function. Finally we talked about how their consumers need change and Porsche intend on always staying on the cutting edge to push  boundaries. Porsche has always been a leader and will continue to be one.



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