Full-time MBA student Greg Larsen chimes in with a report from a trip six MBA students took to Japan this fall. They were accompanied by Dave Harris, a Japan native in his first year as program director for the Full-time MBA program. Here is Greg’s report on the experience:

This opportunity was a first of its kind for the Full-time MBA program, and students were able to expand their horizons both professionally and culturally. Aside from immersing ourselves in the Japanese culture—including enjoying the food and entertainment—we were able to meet with multiple senior executives from organizations such as Century Medical, Inc., EcoSystems Japan, J.P.Morgan, Waseda University, and Shinshu University. We were even given the opportunity to visit the Tokyo Stock Exchange and take part in a competitive stock simulation.

There were a number of favorite experiences and takeaways from trip.

We were shown great generosity by the companies. Not only did each executive offer their time to meet and answer questions, but many of the companies also hosted a business lunch complete with traditional Japanese arrangements and cuisine.

The culture of Japan is amazing. Over the course of the week, we visited many areas of Tokyo, from Shinjuku and Harajuku to numerous Buddhist temples and city hotspots. We discovered the depth of cultural integration into all aspects of daily life and witnessed the kindness and generosity of the Japanese people.

Another takeaway: the food in Japan is incredibl