Doers Wanted is more than a campaign. It’s a call to arms for all doers, thinkers, leaders, innovators, artists, geeks, poets, inventors, entrepreneurs, dreamers, makers and risk-takers. Whether you come to the David Eccles School of Business as a bright-eyed freshman or as an already successful executive, you chose to embrace the essence of doing.

This essence is pervasive in all of our academic programs, our curriculum, our experiential learning opportunities, our faculty and staff and our amazing student body.

That transcendent student body embodies the spirit of doing from the day they enter our educational ecosystem. They do while they attend class and learn. And they carry it on as distinguished and successful alumni who give back by doing.

In that same spirit, the Eccles School is proud to offer the first annual Doers Wanted Scholarship. Applications are due Jan. 27. This scholarship is available in two versions – one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students. For undergraduates, students must be a currently declared student majoring in one of our eight business majors or pre-business. Graduate students must be currently enrolled in one of our MBA programs or Specialized Master’s degree programs.

The undergraduate and graduate scholarship each consist of a $500 award.

To apply for the scholarship students must write an essay that is no more than 500 words responding to the following prompt:

How have you embraced the idea of Doers wanted in your time at the David Eccles School of Business?

To apply for the scholarship please complete the application and essay. Applications are due Jan. 20.

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