Editor’s Note: Douglas Cabral is a recent Eccles School alum who graduated in May 2015. He interned at Google in the summer of 2014. The application deadline for the Google BOLD program is Dec. 10, 2015.

Everything started in the end of 2013 when I found out about the Google BOLD Program.  BOLD stands for Building Opportunities for Douglas Cabral Noogle Google headshotLeadership & Development.  In plain English, it’s Google’s business internship program.  I applied online and also submitted an essay describing why I wanted to work for Google. 

A couple months later I had two online interviews via Google Hangouts, just like in the movie “The Internship.”  Soon after, I received an offer to intern with Google’s Financial Planning and Analysis team in Mountain View, CA. 

I was astonished.

 Google’s benefits and perks go way beyond what anyone is expecting.  Al