Graduates from the David Eccles School of Business gathered recently to socialize, enjoy good food and learn about how to be a successful businessperson.

The difference in this activity, though, from the typical networking social? All the graduates were women, and members of the Women’s Alumni Club at the David Eccles School of Business. One of Utah’s most successful female entrepreneurs, Amy Rees Anderson, shared her secrets to success and answered questions from the all-female delegation of business leaders.

Amy spoke to the group about how to be a successful business leader, family leader and overall happier woman in today’s modern world. Amy emphasized that women should “learn the entrepreneurial spirit” and not be afraid of being successful, or networking with men for that matter. Amy stressed the importance of realizing what all influential leaders, men or women, have to bring to the table and encourage the female alumnae to not be afraid to network with them.

Amy also emphasized the importance of knowing what you want from your life, and knowing how to not care about the small things. She made a case for being a successful mother and also a successful business leader in the community. Amy was sure to let the alumnae know that women can be successful; it just takes time and effort, something that she was fortunate enough to have, even while being a single mom.

While she drove home the importance of being a successful woman and leader, Amy was sure to ta