Vance Checketts is the Vice President and General Manager of EMC Utah. He serves as a member of the MSIS Advisory Board for the Eccles School. He recently shared his thoughts with the Eccles Newsroom on the importance of students becoming career-ready by gaining STEM skills.

One of the age-old questions of any graduating college student is that of how to find a job upon, or even Vance Checketts discusses the importance of STEMbefore, graduation. Ask any typical college senior and they’ll tell you that this question is constantly on their mind and something they’re actively working toward during their final year of schooling.

This concern is especially prominent for students today. Aside from fulfilling passions and dreams, a steady job provides recent grads a way to combat piles of student debt, defy unemployment rates, find monetary security and succeed in a workforce that requires head-start experience. Fortunately, there is one thing that can set students’ minds at ease, give them a leg up on the competition and increase their chances of being hired: having a knowledge base and skill set in the STEM sciences.

What is STEM?

STEM is a common acronym that many people have heard of, but don’t fully understand. It refers to the fields of science, technology, engineering and ma