5 Tips to Find Your Dream Job

Confucius told us thousands of years ago, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Perhaps you roll your eyes, take a deep breath, and wonder – but how? While it’s important you have a paycheck to support your everyday needs, it’s equally important to have a career that fits your personality, challenges your intellect, and helps you grow your skill set.

Whether you’re just starting out in your business job or you’re looking to re-energize your career, here are five tips to help you find ways to never “work” again.

  1. Internships- This is an effective way for you to try out a job and also find a job while gaining practical knowledge and experience. Internships are a great career builder and are usually short-term employment opportunities, which will give you the flexibility to try on many different hats as you explore job opportunities.
  2. Networking- Utilize the connections you have to find out about different avenues available either in your current field or in a new direction. As you casually talk with people you can begin to investigate what sparks your interests and build your business network.
  3. Company Culture- Is it important for you to have a flexible schedule, opportunities to volunteer, or have accelerated advancement possibilities? Understanding how you are motivated and what helps you feel valued are essential in finding the best job opportunities for you. Although there may be several different companies doing very similar job tasks, in order for you to be satisfied at your place of employment, you will need to investigate the culture to ensure it’s a fit.  Online investigation through sites like Glassdoor can help you investigate where to find a job or where you’d like to submit an application.
  4. Informational Interviews- Reach out to the business community to seek information about specific job functions. For example, talking with a CPA at different firms or speaking with a counselor in the School of Accounting can help you better understand what the stress points and benefits of the position are. These are especially beneficial if you’re having difficulty deciding on a career or business job.
  5. Know Your Passions- If you are an extrovert and are fueled by social interaction, then a desk job in a small cubicle may not be the right fit. On the flip side, if you get satisfaction from filling in check marks on your task list, then a job with moving deadlines might be ultimately aggravating. It’s not only understanding how you work, but knowing what gives you energy. Look at your hobbies and interests to find ways to put your skills to work for you; whether it’s from your work in the non-profit world or issues you feel are important for future generations, you can put your career to work and find a job you love.
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