5 tips for saving money during finals

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5 tips for saving money during finals

Editor’s note: Eccles Ambassador Jeff Letsinger gives students advice about how to survive during finals at The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business.

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Finals can be a stressful and expensive time for students. We are trying to squeeze out every last minute of available study time before we show up for finals. In the process, we make exceptions and dig into our wallets or purses to save time and energy. Below are a couple of suggestions and tips to help save money during finals.

  1. Defrost items in your freezer. It isn’t hard to cook dinner at home, especially if the meals are premade and all you have to do is heat them. Instead of ordering takeout or buying fast food, go to your freezer and defrost the food that you’ve already bought. Plan out each meal for the night when you wake up and stay at home for dinner.
  2. Stay away from online shopping. Wandering on your computer while taking a study break is a much-needed habit, but stay away from shopping websites. It is tempting to say “I’m working so hard, I deserve these new shoes.” You don’t deserve those new shoes, and you don’t deserve to tempt yourself with shopping instead of studying.
  3. Don’t pay people for work that isn’t yours. It is easy to get desperate and go to a friend for their notes or go online and buy a service with answers and notes. Avoid this strategy by prepping the weeks leading up to finals by spending an extra hour in the library each day taking your own notes. This will also help prevent cramming.
  4. Use your thermos. While making your breakfast from your freezer food, whip up a pot of coffee at the same time. Pour the leftovers into a thermos or portable cup and avoid buying coffee in between class or at Starbucks on your way to school. Every penny counts, and coffee expenses add up quick.
  5.  Don’t pay for things that don’t contribute to your finals week success. Instead, try drinking a smoothie and hitting the gym for an hour.

Best of luck on finals week and beyond!

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