5 things to prep before Fall Semester

Fall Semester is just a few weeks away! After the summer break, starting a new semester can be hectic. Here are five tips to ensure a great start to the school year.

Finalize your class schedule

Check on your class schedule now. Ensuring that your classes align with your out-of-school schedule is key to school-life balance. If needed, talk to your Eccles Academic Advisor or a Peer Advisor to determine if your schedule meets your academic goals and major criteria. And make sure you have your schedule handy so you don’t get lost on the first day.

Check Canvas

Check Canvas regularly to ensure you stay caught up on school, especially during the first week! Even though school has yet to start, professors might post pre-work for the first day of class, and checking early means you are prepared. Canvas is great for finding class syllabi, seeing your semester schedule, and checking for important class announcements. You can even rename classes, organize your calendar, and change correlated course colors to help with overall organization.

Get organized

Organization is key! A great semester comes with great organization. Craft a routine and organize all materials and spaces you will use this semester. By preparing early, there will be less stress when school starts. A few suggestions – clean your room, set up your dorm, buy a planner, and purchase notebooks and textbooks.

Get back on a good sleep schedule

Have you gotten used to sleeping in or staying up late this summer? It’s a good idea to start getting back on a good sleep schedule before the semester begins. This will allow your mind and body to be awake and present, especially in those early morning classes. It’s all about developing a good routine that helps you transition back to college workloads and student life.

Check out Eccles events!

Remember to mix in some fun during the first weeks of school! Visit the Eccles Welcome tables in SFEBB on Aug. 22 and 23 – there will be food and a scavenger hunt! And join us for our annual Party on the Plaza on Aug. 29 and 30. This annual event features food, swag, and the opportunity to connect with Eccles student organizations, programs, and services!

Haylie Heale

Haylie Heale is a graduate of the David Eccles School of Business with degrees in Marketing and Information Systems. She is currently an intern for the Marketing and Communications department and a Diversity Ambassador for the Office for Student Inclusion.

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