5 reasons why you should make your voice count by voting in 2016

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5 reasons why you should make your voice count by voting in 2016

College is a very confusing time in someone’s life. You have so many choices and opinions, but now you are called on by your nation to put those choices and options to good use. Each election it is every U.S. citizen’s duty to cast their vote. Here are some reason on why college students should vote.

5 Reasons on why you should vote 2016:

  1. Civic duty. It is you civic duty to vote in this country. If you are a citizen and you can finally vote, you need to. Many people have fought for your right to vote. Believe it or not, but there once was a time that people couldn’t vote for what they wanted in life.civic-duty-blog
  2. One Voice. Your voice has a bigger effect than you would think. Your opinions actually matter in life now. Remember when you were younger and your parents said you didn’t have an opinion, well now you legally have the right to have one.wrong-opinion
  3. Future. In a few years, you will be in the adult job market or maybe you are starting a family? What our politicians decide for us could affect what happens to you at your job or new family. You want the best for yourself and the people you care about, right?future-blog
  4. Its Easy as 1,2,3. Voting isn’t as hard as many people think. Just be sure to register to vote in your state and then cast in your vote at your local voting station. If you didn’t mail in your ballot by Nov. 7, bring it into a polling station and drop it off, or stand in line and vote that way.easy-blog
  5. Free Sticker. Not many people in the world get a sticker to say that they voted. Many people don’t get that right. That “I Voted” sticker is a symbol to show people that you are a proud American citizen and you did you civic duty to vote.free-blog

Check out where you can vote and how the Eccles School can help you make an informed decision, click here.

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