5 outfits you will see during finals week

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  • 5 outfits you will see during finals week

5 outfits you will see during finals week

Editor’s note: Eccles Ambassador Adyson Edwards gives students about what you will see during finals at The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business.

Finals week has (unfortunately) made its way back around. As students, we go through a catalog of emotions from the first study day to the very last exam. We think about a lot during that week … and outfits may not always be one of them.


  1. Poised & prepped: Wow, you actually planned accordingly and effectively studied … or maybe you’re just pretending you did. Regardless, there will be those students who present themselves in a way that makes everyone around them look like they’ve gone mad. This student can be found sporting the best items in their closet, including but not limited to her cute spring dress or his nicest short sleeve button down.
  2. Eh: You don’t know what to think. Exams could go either way so your outfit follows. This student is more about comfort rather than style, however, they still make an effort to look presentable … considering the circumstances. You can find this student in some comfy jeans and one of their favorite shirts.
  3. Sleep-deprived and panicked: It’s the day of your finals and you haven’t slept a wink — oh great. A late night equals a late morning which equals full-on panic mode. Whatever this student can find is what ends up on their body, all the way down to last night’s pajamas.
  4. Here goes nothing: I mean, you’re a little sleep deprived, but not full on panic mode. You’ve studied all that you can and all you can think is “here goes nothing”. This student can be best spotted in something that closely resembles the “eh” outfit. Here goes nothing entails whatever makes this student comfortable with a hint of effort. You understand that you have done all you can up to this point.
  5. I mean, I did my best: You just stepped out of that last final. You’re done. That morning you made sure to put on a great outfit because you have been desperately waiting for this moment. This student is found dressing in something that they know they will look great in and feel great in as soon as the test is over. Similar to the poised and prepped stage, stylish and fun outfits can be found, however, you are dressing for the future, not the past. Floating through the halls, this student can be seen looking confident and bright. They walk by you and you immediately think, “Oh, this student just finished his or her last final.”
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