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5 branding takeaways from Beyoncé

Beyoncé. Starting in the early 90’s with her band “Destiny’s Child,” she has developed from a cute teenage pop singer to an icon for both women and the black community. She is no longer just a singer; she is a brand.

How did she do it? What makes Beyoncé capable of being known as a queen? It has been stated that her adoration is unrivaled. Whether she is actually worthy of the power she holds is completely a matter of opinion, however it is an objective fact that she is a phenomenon. What can we learn from Queen B (or her marketing team) when it comes to branding?

  1. Chose Your Audience: One thing that most Beyoncé analysts agree on is her ability to chose and capture a specific audience. Destiny’s Child B attracted young girls and built up a fan base of teens that have stayed loyal since day one. As she matured into adulthood she transferred her focus to other groups. Her later albums incorporated more of a hip-hop feel, which attracted that audience of listeners. She then moved into a more political realm. She began to make controversial statements about body image, homosexuality, and minority oppression. This transformed her from not only an artist but, a public lobbyist. She therefore gained supporters who agreed with her views even if they were not interested in her music.
  1. Keep it Classy: Beyoncé may make very strong political statements, but they are hard for critics to disagree with. She rarely speaks negatively of “the other side” but pushes forth her political agenda by stating the positives to her side. By doing this, she is able to gain supporters of her side, but not alienate all of those who do not agree with her statements. In branding and creating a positive name for yourself, it is important to be liked by many people. If you are going to say something controversial, make sure you state your side without aggressively attacking the other.
  1. Remain Loyal to Your Supporters: Company’s that have lasted throughout the years have one thing in common: they stay loyal to their customers and reward their customers for remaining loyal to them. Delta SkyMiles, Marriot Hospitality Points, even Café Rio punch cards- these all lead to brand loyalty. Beyoncé is no different. She constantly uses social media shout-outs or speeches at concerts to make her fans feel special and loved. Everyone wants to feel important and B makes her fans feel special in every way she can. This leads to their continued support and loyalty to her brand.
  1. Adapt and Stay Current: Beyoncé has been around for a while and as I already stated in point one, she has stayed fluid in her fan base. Queen B has continued to adapt to the times whether it be through her look, fashion, or music, she has modernized herself at any possible point. This rings true for other companies and your own personal brand. Adapt to not only your audience, but also the times. You won’t create much of a consumer base on MySpace and nowadays-even TV advertisements are losing popularity. Stay current and make sure you are reaching and appealing to the people you want loyalty from.

Follow these guidelines and maybe you will be able to break down the PARTITION keeping you from becoming equivalent to B. The guidelines will help you get in FORMATION and create your own personal brand. Remember you might not be as FLAWLESS Bey but you are capable of achieving a brand associated with your name or company.

(Don’t worry I too am embarrassed about the above paragraph’s puns)

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