Five ways a practice interview can help you

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Five ways a practice interview can help you

Practice your interview skills this Monday, Nov. 5 during the SMART Start — Practice the Interview event. Times are available throughout the day; sign up now!

It’s no secret that interviews can be stressful or nerve-wracking. The interview plays an essential role in helping employers to determine if you can do the job, as well as helping you determine if the job is right for you.

Before you start interviewing for your next job or internship, it’s a great idea to practice. Here are five ways a practice interview can help you out.

Get feedback from someone who wants you to succeed

One of the hardest parts of an interview is walking away wondering how you did. Rarely will an employer contact you with feedback. By participating in practice interviews, that’s not the case. You’ll leave with detailed notes and feedback about how you preformed, what you did well, and what you could improve

Practice answering behavior-based questions

Behavior-based questions are extremely common during interviews. Employers want to hear about your past experiences to see how you would perform in this position.

Learn how to ask insightful questions

Almost every interview will have time for you to ask questions about the employer and position. This isn’t just the chance for you to gain valuable information, but also demonstrates your ability to think critically about the position.

Tackle the “hard to answer” questions

During any interview, you’ll likely run into questions that are hard to answer. By doing a practice interview, you’ll have an opportunity to run through these difficult questions and get tips on how to answer on the spot.

Build your network through an Eccles School alum or career coach

Practice interviews are a great way to build your professional network. Through programs such as SMART Start, you can be connected with an Eccles School alum who can serve as a mentor for you while you’re in school and start your career. Practice interviews are also a great chance to meet with your career coach, who can provide you with career advice throughout your time at the Eccles School.

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