Salt Lake City was named a 2016’s Best Large Cities to Start a Business. Troy D’Ambrosio, the Executive Director of Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and Assistant Dean here at the school was one of the Entrepreneurship experts interviewed in WalletHub. Read the full story by John S Kiernan here.

Americans are born with an entrepreneurial streak. It’s in our DNA. From Manifest Destiny and the Gold Rush to the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Age, intense periods of innovation have molded our economy and sparked important societal advancements.

But innovation is never easy. Hardship and necessity underpin much of our entrepreneurial progress, largely because the motivation to enter the unknown in the face of bleak odds simply is not in abundance when more comfortable avenues remain to be explored. Driven by a dearth of traditional job opportunities and a reenergized hesitancy to put one’s fate in the hands of others, nearly 54 million Americans are now working for themselves. There is always room in the market for new ideas, products, services and multi-million-dollar success stories — if one knows where to look.

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