You can help make your dream job come true by working hard, staying active and engaged, and recognizing the best available methods. Here are 10 tips for getting your dream job:

  1. Meet with someone who has your dream job. You might quickly realize your “dream” isn’t what you envisioned. If not, you’ll learn effective ways to reach your goal.
  2. Use creative resume alternatives — but only when prudent. A creativity-driven company could be swayed by a splashy video instead of a cover letter. A more traditional firm might laugh you out of the building.
  3. Make networking a science, not a free-for-all. It’s easy to go overboard with networking. So carefully consider the quality and potential usefulness of your contacts.
  4. Be selective. You might be tempted to send out a large quantity of applications — fast-food style. But you need to serve up a fine meal, so reduce the quantity of resumes and fine-tune the details.
  5. Don’t let confidence cross the line.