10 Tips For Getting Your Dream Job

You can help make your dream job come true by working hard, staying active and engaged, and recognizing the best available methods. Here are 10 tips for getting your dream job:

  1. Meet with someone who has your dream job. You might quickly realize your “dream” isn’t what you envisioned. If not, you’ll learn effective ways to reach your goal.
  2. Use creative resume alternatives — but only when prudent. A creativity-driven company could be swayed by a splashy video instead of a cover letter. A more traditional firm might laugh you out of the building.
  3. Make networking a science, not a free-for-all. It’s easy to go overboard with networking. So carefully consider the quality and potential usefulness of your contacts.
  4. Be selective. You might be tempted to send out a large quantity of applications — fast-food style. But you need to serve up a fine meal, so reduce the quantity of resumes and fine-tune the details.
  5. Don’t let confidence cross the line. Check out these comical examples of crippling arrogance.
  6. Don’t be afraid of “free work.” If the job in question is your “dream,” then a labor-intensive project during the hiring process might be well worth the time and effort. Think of the potential reward.
  7. Make sure you can communicate. If you don’t hone your listening, reacting and responding skills, your qualifications won’t matter.
  8. Stay connected. Did you graduate from business school? Cultivate reciprocal relationships with your peers, which is easier than ever before nowadays! Staying connected to peers, faculty, industry professionals, and companies through online networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter helps keep you in the know.  At the David Eccles School of Business, we encourage such connections because we know how beneficial they can become.
  9. Learn how HR teams think. You might not like what you’ll find, but this knowledge is imperative as you shape your resume and portfolio. Perhaps you can pick up key ideas and themes from your current employer’s HR team.
  10. Be realistic. No job is perfect. When you’re hired in your dream role, remember that some days will be stressful, frustrating and long — just like in any other position.



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