10 fun things to do while social distancing

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  • Social Distancing can be fun

10 fun things to do while social distancing

As we all practice social distancing to #flattenthecurve, online classes and virtual work schedules keep us busy, but it’s essential to make good use of the extra time we have in the house. Self-isolation can be difficult, but remember to be hopeful about the future, stay healthy, and be patient with yourself in this period of change.

As a remedy to restlessness, check out this list of 10 fun things you can do in quarantine:

  1. Read a good book —Now is the perfect time to pick up that book you’ve never had the time to read, play some jazz music in the background, and drink some tea. Follow this link for popular book lists to narrow your search.
  2. Enjoy nature —Even though self-isolation requires us to maintain a proper distance from others, nature is not off-limits. Go on a hike, walk, or run and enjoy the outdoors to take a break from the clutter.
  3. Watch an inspiring movie — There are millions from which to choose. Check out this list of 15 uplifting movies you can find on Netflix. For Hulu, here are 30 of the best movies. Amazon Prime Video also has its own list of good movies. For Disney+ people, you are set.
  4. Make a TikTok —These are popping off lately and are fun to make with friends or family with which you are self-isolating. For inspiration, here is a video compilation of some of the best.
  5. Call a family member — Check-in on family that lives far away from you and enjoy talking with them.
  6. View virtual concerts — Celebrities have no time to rest, and they have a calendar of virtual concerts to prove it.
  7. Stream classical concerts — For classical music lovers, there is a select list of streaming content that is sure to pull your heartstrings.
  8. Listen to a podcast — There’s TED Talks DailyStuff You Should KnowSerial, and thousands more.
  9. Cook a new recipe — Channel your inner chef and cook a delicious meal, bake a cake, and have fun in the kitchen. If cooking isn’t for you, support a local business by ordering takeout.
  10. Use Pinterest to your advantage —Tap into your artsy side and try your hand at a craft.

Alyssa Ritzel is a Marketing student at the David Eccles School of Business. She has served as an intern for the Marketing + Communications team and as an Eccles Ambassador.

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