Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy Faculty Publications

[Updated: 2-25-20]

Featured Publications

Below are selected publications by faculty and Ph.D. graduates from the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. Authors are listed in alphabetical order and hyperlinks are to author citations:

Jay Barney

  • (2018) “Why Resource-based Theory’s Model of Profit Appropriation Must Adopt a Stakeholder Perspective,” Strategic Management Journal
  • (2017) “Corporate Diversification and the Value of Individual Firms: A Bayesian Approach,” Strategic Management Journal (with Tyson B. Mackey, Jeffrey P. Dotson)
  • (2007) “Discovery and Creation: Alternative Theories of Entrepreneurial Action,” Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (with S. Alvarez)
  • (1997) “Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Managers in Large Organizations: Biases and Heuristics in Strategic Decision Making,” Journal of Business Venturing (with Lowell Busenitz)
  • (1994) “Trustworthiness as a Source of Competitive Advantage,” Strategic Management Journal (with Mark Hansen)
  • (1991) “Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage,” Journal of Management
  • (1986) “Strategic Factor Markets: Expectations, Luck, and Business Strategy,” Management Science.

Lyda Bigelow

  • (forthcoming) “When and How to Shift Gears: Dynamic Trade-Offs among Adjustment, Opportunity and Transaction Costs in Response to an Innovation Shock,” Strategic Management Journal (with Jackson Nickerson and Woo-Yong Park)
  • (2015) “Dominant Designs, Innovation Shocks, and The Follower’s Dilemma,” Strategic Management Journal (with Nicholas Argyres and Jackson Nickerson)

Josh Feng

  • (forthcoming) “Crafting Intellectual Property Rights: Implications for Patent Assertion Entities, Litigation, and Innovation,” American Economic Journal: Appl