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Season Three of the Eccles Business Buzz Podcast is Here!

Welcome back for Season Three of the Eccles Business Buzz podcast! This season we are talking all about curiosity—what it is, why we need, and what roadblocks sometimes prevent us from being curious. We’ll hear from Eccles faculty researching topics related to curiosity, like mindfulness and workplace identity. We’ll hear from students using scholarships and other Eccles resources to explore the things they are curious about. We’ll hear from corporate partners about why curiosity matters in their companies and organizations. And of course, we’ll hear from members of the Eccles Alumni community who are continuing to develop their curiosity out in the world.

New episodes drop every Thursday morning starting October 13. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss a show, and we’d love it if you share your favorite episodes with a friend. You can also follow us at @EcclesAlumni to stay up-to-date on the podcast and all the other exciting things happening in your alumni network.

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