When asked what every accounting graduate needs in order to succeed, Dr. Martha Eining, David Eccles School of Business Professor and Director of the School of Accounting, said “a solid skill set in accounting.”

It might be simple to say that every grad needs to know accounting, but the fact is that students need a strong foundation of the fundamentals in order to succeed. At the David Eccles School of Business, not only do we provide that ground work, but we provide it through experiential learning from faculty that are shaping the future of accounting.

When you are contemplating a school, it’s important to research what education you will gain inside and outside of the classroom that will create a pathway to reach your career goals.

Interpersonal skills are often overlooked and taken for granted. Dr.Eining discussed how incoming Masters of Accounting students take part in Week Zero. “During this week they have the chance to build teams, work on service projects, and learn how to fine tune their leadership skills.”  They also learn professional etiquette and dress, and then have a chance to put it all together at a luncheon with accounting professionals where they can hone their networking and interpersonal skills.

There is no better way to put theory to use than through practical application. At the David Eccles School of Business our emphasis is on experiential learning.  One of the most unique experiences students have is to act as an expert witness in a forensic accounting case adapted from a real world situation.   Students receive raw data, background information and have to conduct real interviews to gather information.  They write expert witness reports in groups and one member from the top group for the prosecution and defense teams is selected to be an expert witness in a real courtroom with real lawyers performing the examination and cross examination.  Students can also