Associate Dean Natalie Gochnour took time to stop by the dean’s leadership class today to discuss how her leadership style has developed throughout her career. Gochnour describes her passion and bailiwick as working within public policy and maximizing the “productive middle” as she tells the students.

Throughout her experiences, Gochnour has developed these 10 lessons which are evident in top leaders across all industries:

  1. Unify.  History has shown us impactful leaders such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. who have had the ability to unify people behind a singular vision to create long-term change. When you are in a leadership role it’s imperative to create a sense of belonging, vision, and understanding for constituents to rally around.
  2. Passion.  At times throughout your career there will be obstacles which make it seem impossible to reach your ultimate goal. During those times, dig deep to find your inner-drive to fuel your continued efforts.
  3. Communication.  Gochnour says, “Great leaders communicate well.”  She herself uses two methods to ensure effective communication. The first is a 50/50 rule.  In any endeavor use 50% of your resources and energy towards communication and 50% in research and analytics. “If you cannot communicate it well, it’s probably not a good policy or idea” Gochnour explains. The next method she holds to is the 8 ½ x 11 method.  “If you cannot fit something on one page, you don’t understand it enough to communicate it clearly.” Be precise and choose your words effectively.
  4. Humility, Kindness, Goodwill.  Focus your energy on doing the right thing in each decision you are faced with as a leader. Gochnour described the difficulty of creating a bridge at City Creek Center as the new development was being built. For numerous reasons