Giving FAQs

Is my gift tax-deductible?
The David Eccles School of Business is a qualifying non-profit organization, and your gift is eligible for a tax deduction. Most donations are 100% tax-deductible, with the exception of if you receive goods or services, the value of those items is not tax-deductible, following IRS standards. After your donation is processed, you will receive a tax receipt outlining the total amount you may deduct.

Is the David Eccles School of Business a 501(c)(3) organization?
Yes! The Eccles School is part of the University of Utah, 501(c)(3) and our EIN tax number is 87-6000525.

How is my gift used?
Donations are used to support students directly and enhance the quality of education we offer. Donors may choose to direct their gift to the area of the Eccles School that matches their philanthropic passions. Gifts are then allocated to the selected program to use for their area’s greatest needs. Most donors give to the following designations: 

  • Named annual scholarships – 100% of your donations are awarded to students in the form of scholarships. Donors may name their scholarship and select broad criteria for their student recipient. Donations beginning at $1,000 can create a named annual scholarship. For more information on scholarships, click here
  • General Scholarship Fund – Funds not directed to other initiatives are used to support student scholarships. One hundred percent of your donation is given to student scholarships.
  • Excellence & Opportunity Fund – Unrestricted funds used to further the mission of the Eccles School, including student networking opportunities, alumni engagement initiatives, and more.

What is the Eccles School’s current fundraising priority?
Currently, our top priority is increasing our scholarship funding for students. Scholarships help us recruit and retain top students and support students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford higher education. Other priorities are listed here, as part of the University’s Imagine New Heights campaign, and include:

  • School endowment growth
  • Faculty chairs and professorships
  • Centers & Institutes
  • Alumni participation rate growth

Why is it important that alumni give back?
An annual gift is a “vote of support” our alumni give the Eccles School and improves the value of your degree. Alumni participation rates, the percentage of alumni who financially support the School each year, is one indication of alumni satisfaction. External evaluators such as U.S. News and World Report use participation rates in their rankings calculations.

Annual donations are crucial in helping the school provide scholarships, experiential learning opportunities, and more to improve the experience for current and future students.

Does my $25 gift matter?
Yes! Gifts of all amounts matter and when combined together can have a huge impact. For example, since revamping our annual giving efforts in 2017, we have awarded more than 100 scholarships from collective gifts less than $1,000.

Can I set up a recurring gift?
Yes, you can set up a monthly or annually recurring gift here.

Can my company match my gift?
Maybe! Check to see if your employer matches here.