The Eccles School Department of Operations and Information Systems, in partnership with several corporate sponsors, invites students to participate in the inaugural Game Day Ad Analytics Blitz competition. Students from any major or program form teams and pay close attention to the ads during the NFL Super Bowl on Feb. 4, 2018. After watching the ads and discovering viewers’ responses via Twitter, the teams select keywords they would like to further analyze. Based on their keyword findings, students create an infographic, whitepaper and framework outline to detail the outcomes, including any discoveries that would be valuable to the advertisers.

Team Registration Deadline: Oct. 17

Get your teammates together and register for the competition by 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 17. Then, make sure at least one team member attends the competition kick-off meeting on Oct. 18. See more details in the events tab below.

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  • Students must be enrolled at the David Eccles School of Business during Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Students from any undergraduate or graduate program are invited to participate.
  • Teams must include 3-4 students.
  • One team member must be an Information Systems major, an MSIS student or an MSBA student.
Register your team
All teams must prepare and submit the following items for judging:

  • Infographic displaying data (template will be provided)
  • White paper detailing findings
  • Outline of framework used for processing and extracting insights from the tweet data
  • 15 minute presentation to a panel of judges
The judges will score each team based on:

  • Value of findings – Are the results relevant and helpful to advertisers? Does this information help inform if the marketing spend was successful?
  • Complexity of findings – Judges are looking for relationships between variables and in-depth analytic conclusions.
  • Quality of materials – Team deliverables should be professional-quality, well written/designed and easy to understand.
  • Professional presentation – Judges are looking for students to deliver a business-quality presentation, including visual or other aides, that does not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Oct. 17: Deadline for teams to sign-up. Late registrations will not be accepted.
  • Oct. 18: Competition kick-off meeting at 5 p.m. | SFEBB 1170
    • At least one team member is required to attend the kick-off meeting.
  • Dec. 1: Mid-term check-in meeting
  • Feb. 2: Competition party with sponsors and IS faculty
  • Feb. 4: Super Bowl game and data collection
  • Feb. 9: Group presentations and awards ceremony
  • Each first-place team member receives $1,000 cash and additional scholarship money.
  • The first-place team is guaranteed interviews for either internships or full-time employment with the competition sponsors.
Does one student have to be an IS major?
Yes; one team member must be either an undergraduate IS, MSIS or MSBA student.

What if a team member quits?
You can get a replacement team member or choose to continue in the competition without that person.

What if a whole team quits?
That team will then forfeit the competition and no longer continue.

Can the team seek outside help?

Can the team use other technologies?

Can the team use other data sources?

Do we get help?
Yes, students can attend technology webinars focusing on competition-specific skills every 2 weeks.

Do we start from scratch?
No; teams will receive code and documents from last year’s Super Bowl analytics project (i.e. python, mongoDB dataset, infographics and white paper).

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