Located on the first floor of the new Lassonde Studios next to the prototyping room, the project and tool storage room features several tall wire racks filled with shiny new equipment. This tool room (along with the rest of the makerspace) is a quiet place — for now. Soon, however, the Lassonde staff hopes that it will be busy, energetic and filled with the noise of a workshop in full swing.

Aspiring entrepreneur or not, chances are you’ve needed (or will need!) access to tools during your time at the University of Utah. Whether you’re assembling a bookshelf, drilling a bigger hole in your desk to hide your many cables, or inventing a new widget that makes life easier, the Lassonde Studios project and tool storage room has got you covered. The tool room has everything from basic tools like hammers, pliers and cordless drills, to less common ones like sewing machines, soldering irons and die cut machines.

To find out more about the space and learn more about Lassonde Studios, visit here.