Like attracts like among organizations that strive for excellence. It is no surprise, then, that Stryker’s Neurovascular division and the David Eccles School of Business have become associated through the 2017 Games4Health Challenge.

Stryker is home to an exceptional and collaborative group of results driven, innovative employees seeking to improve the lives of patients.  Stryker’s Neurovascular Division President, Mark Paul, is passionate about the transformational power of technology, and is excited to imagine what possibilities will manifest from next-generation creative, innovative minds. In support of powering innovation and encouraging unprecedented thinking, Stryker supports the Sorenson Center for Discovery & Innovation’s 2017 Games4Health Challenge.

Stryker’s Neurovascular division strives to propel the field of stroke care through continuous, purposeful innovation that powers meaningful outcomes. Focused on advancing the practice of less invasive stroke therapies through its Complete Stroke Care solutions, Stryker is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke care, education and clinical support.

Stryker’s Neurovascular division has a worldwide presence that serves the global medical community, with divisional headquarters in Fremont, CA, and its most recently established  manufacturing and R&D location in Salt Lake City, Utah. The new facility will manufacture some of the most advanced stroke care technologies available within the industry, and will feature a world-class neurotechnology training center complete with a Stryker Integrated OR as well as six hands-on skill training stations.  State-of-the-art connectivity through high-definition audio and imaging will allow seamless exchanges with partnering physicians across the globe.

“Stroke is a catastrophic disease, the fifth leading cause of death in the United States,” said Mark Paul. “I believe that with today’s capabilities in mobile applications and augmented and virtual reality, we are on the cusp of reinventing how we approach stroke diagnosis, treatment and post-care. With the right creative lens, today’s technologies will make the impossible possible in stroke care.”

Stryker has built a robust portfolio of high-impact educational programs to aid healthcare providers in pursuit of superior outcomes. Utilizing the latest technologies, simulation-based learning allows healthcare providers to improve technical skills in immersive, real-world environments. “We are constantly seeking to partner with inventive developers that can advance how Stryker is communicating and engaging with our customers in education, product development and ultimately patient care,” said Mark Paul. “Supporting programs like the Games4Health Challenge is essential if we hope to see a paradigm shift in healthcare solutions.”

This year’s Games4Health participation is anticipated to double, making this unique challenge the largest event of its kind in the world. Students will compete in six different Challenge Categories: Happy Fitness, Corporate Wellness, Clinical Health, Chronic Disease, Mental Wellbeing and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.

Registration has been extended through February 24, 2017, and the submissions deadline is March 8, 2017. Register now at