For most of us this is the slump of the semester. Midterms are over but finals are coming, spring break has come and gone, and it’s possible that the tacky looking inspirational quote that I chose is also causing you aesthetic discomfort … however, if you can look past the heinously altered sunset that looks alarming similar to a Lisa Frank velvet coloring book, you will see a motivational quote that I personally believe speaks wonders to this very soggy time of year.

I am not in any way certified in self-help or here to be a social counselor, nor do I like flowery inspiration that talks about looking within yourself to achieve beauty. I do however, consider myself a realist — and nothing is more real than this quote. Remember that as we are all here to love our #EcclesExperience, we must also keep in mind that the end goal is graduation and we cannot let ourselves be stopped by a pesky Accounting 3600 project.