Jay Z and Beyoncé have officially (via social media) endorsed Michelle Obama to run for president of the United States in 2020. With the nation’s King and Queen supporting her, it seems only fair to take a brief moment to talk about the former First Lady.

Before you freak out and think that I am going to push forward some millennial liberal agenda, that is not the goal. When I say Michelle Obama, I mean the woman, not the politics behind her. Whether or not you agree with her party, I think most everyone can agree that she is a pretty well-liked human. Let’s find out why:

  1. Political correctness: Everyone’s favorite subject (especially us liberal millennials). Michelle Obama has remained remarkably politically correct throughout her time in the limelight. Yes she has people who write her tweets and speeches, but hats off to those people because they have done a great job.
  2. Causes: Michelle Obama has chosen some very widely appealing causes to champion. Children and health — or better yet, healthy children. Those are things that people really care about and want to get behind. Michelle chose some good causes to spearhead change. They appealed to the masses and made her seem like a well-rounded individual.




3.Personality: Michelle Obama is a generally likeable person. She gets stuff done in an agreeable way. This is important. Being liked is important if you want to collaborate to accomplish your objectives. Although it is possible to get things done purely by force, the eloquent are able to get what they want and not make others mad. Michelle has mastered this.

So why are we talking about Michelle? The answer: because she is a great role model and has some fantastic lessons on how to succeed in politics or — perhaps even more important for students here at the Eccles School — in business. And key to those lessons: being likeable. The moral of the story goes as follows:

  1. Be PC
  2. Have a good cause
  3. Work well with people