This week the David Eccles School of Business has celebrated its namesake, David Eccles, by honoring four values his life and example have contributed to the school: Legacy, Leadership, Perseverance and Excellence.

Those values, depicted on the front of the new David Eccles Coin along with the bust of David Eccles, represent rich traditions and a lasting legacy here at the Eccles School.

Five additional values are presented on the back of the coin with an image of the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building and the block U on the mountainside. These school values — Transformation, Scholarship, Innovation, Community and Entrepreneurship — represent today’s classroom, student club and entrepreneurial learning experiences, and where we’re headed.

Those nine values define the Eccles Experience by embracing the past and engaging the future.

To help students remember these values and serve as a reminder of our rich heritage, this year, each Eccles School student will receive a commemorative David Eccles Coin.

Spencer Fox Eccles receives the first David Eccles Coin from Dean Taylor Randall

Spencer Fox Eccles receives the first David Eccles Coin from Dean Taylor Randall (Sept. 15, 2015).

The first coin recipient was Spencer Fox Eccles, who received his coin during the Convocation ceremony held in his name earlier this week.

Throughout the year, students will be given these coins during special ceremonies.

Additionally, the David Eccles Coin is available to our valued alumni. The Eccles family believes in the power of education and how it transforms lives. They’ve made a significant, long-term investment in our students.

With a gift of $55 or more, alumni will receive a new David Eccles Coin to show your commitment to and pride in the David Eccles School of Business.