If you are admitted into Upper Division at the David Eccles School of Business, at some point you will take the ACCT 3600 course. This course is a continuation of what you learned in Accounting 2600, but with more applied learning. This means you will do the accounting books for a company for a year, using only a year’s worth of journal entries, previous years of income statements and so on.

Each student must do this project; there is nowhere to hide. Students work in groups to complete this project, but is not a simple group project. Each group spends an average between 80-120 hours working on this project.

Here are the top 10 feelings students have while working on the Accounting 3600 Project.

  1. Learning about the project on the first day of school.1-acct-3600
  2. Picking your group partners. Choose wisely.2
  3. Creating a schedule for specific pieces of your project. 3
  4. Wondering if you made the right decision to work with the people you chose.4
  5. Realizing how much work the project actually is.5
  6. Re-scheduling your project deadlines.6
  7. Wondering why individuals in your group don’t help with anything, so you try to do everything yourself.7
  8. Wanting to cry because your numbers don’t balance or add up.8
  9. Trying to get your project all finished the night before it’s due.9
  10. Actually turning it in and wondering why other groups have different answers.10