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Career Corner

From finding career or internship opportunities to refining your job search profiles to connecting with alumni, our student ambassadors provide brief video guides to help you navigate your career development.

This career and employment resource has a unique international focus. It’s an indispensable platform for both international students and job-seekers and domestic candidates interested in working abroad.

Follow along with Nolan for a look at how to access, complete, and leverage the Focus 2 platform assessments and their results; which provide a great starting place for your search for your future career.

Follow along with Whitney for a look at how to leverage your Handshake profile to generate employer interest and make the most of time-saving platform features.
Follow Christian Carabajal on a guided tour of CareerShift. This tool on Handshake will help you find job opportunities in Utah, across the nation, and internationally.
Virtual networking is more important than ever! Join Whitney Hessler as she walks us through 5 quick tips on building your personal brand and expanding your network on LinkedIn.
Learn from leaders in companies that thrive through the worst of times. Four panelists discuss their companies, effects of COVID-19, personal paths, and more.