The David Eccles Award for Community goes to Kris Fenn.

Kris has worked to build a strong sense of community among the Master of Accounting students, a challenging task for a one-year program.

“She has given students a bigger voice and presence and has showed them consistent support,” one nominator wrote. “She regularly works nights and weekends to ensure that the students have programming that will be impactful to them, not only now, but also in the future.”

Kris has been instrumental in events such as Week Zero, a CPA information sessions, Winter Celebration honoring fall graduates, and the MAcc Spring Graduation Banquet. She also has created a mentoring program for women who are returning to school to begin the MAcc Intensive program.

“Kris truly understands the importance of advocacy and equity and both enacts and espouses it personally as well as professionally,” another nominator wrote.