Leading With Equity,
Diversity, and Inclusion


This certificate was created to challenge you. It will help you grow as a leader and an individual. The concepts will empower you to foster diversity and inclusion in your organization, which will lead to better business outcomes, innovation, and increased efficiency.

The Leading with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion certificate highlights essential topics to help individuals understand and grow as leaders. This certificate will challenge you and the status quo of your organization. The information you will learn can be brought back to your company and implemented to create better processes for a more inclusive and psychologically safe environment. Become a transformational leader with the knowledge you’ll gain and the mindset you’ll achieve by better understanding your unconscious biases, diversity and inclusion fundamentals, leading across generational gaps, legal obligations as an employer, and evaluating high performance while considering diversity.

The Classes

The Leading With Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Certificate provides you with multiple pathways for personal growth. You can choose any seven of these carefully curated classes to complete your certificate. Our team will be available to answer any questions you have along the way.

William Guillory Ph.D.

Presented By: Bill Guillory, Ph.D.

Diversity and inclusion are essential fo