Mastering Public Speaking


Communication excellence is an essential leadership tool. As a leader ascends in their organization, they are required to speak in public more often as they shape the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Become a more persuasive and confident speaker who creates a powerful, emotional audience connection.


Public speaking is an opportunity and platform from which leaders are able to express their emotional intelligence and it becomes a strategic position from which a leader can craft their own leadership narrative, as well as that of their organization. Learn how to examine your audience, implement rhetorical strategies, and deliver your message with effectiveness and confidence.


  • Assess your strengths and areas of development as a public speaker.

  • Examine your audience before crafting a speech.

  • Be more persuasive/confident with different audiences (hostile, diverse, etc.).

  • Implement rhetorical strategies that will create a powerful, emotional audience connection: storytelling, metaphors, rhetorical questions, repetition.

  • Frame your speech with an effective organizational structure.

  • Craft a persuasive introduction and conclusion.

  • Develop and achieve a mindful, kinesthetic delivery.


Fall 2022 Dates
November 10-11

Spring Dates
April 6-7

Fall 2023 Dates
October 5-6

Course Time
8:30am – 4:30pm