Intergenerational diversity is a highly important and universal fact in the sustainability and prosperity of today’s work environment. Understanding the differences of values between these generational groups can help visionary leaders, managers, and supervisors build on the strengths of such diversity and create an organizational culture that embraces coexistence, cooperation, and teamwork. No one generation can make it alone!

The main objectives of this course are as follow: – Understanding, valuing, and embracing generational differences – Resolving differences across generations – Combining the vision of progressive thinking with the wisdom of experience.


  • Managing People From 5 Different Generations
  • Understanding Generational Differences
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Three Perspectives of Effective Leadership
  • The Five Dysfunctions of Teams
  • Elements of Effective Teams
  • Myths and Misconceptions
  • Characteristics of Millennials
  • Value of Millennials in the Workplace
  • What Millennials Want in the Workplace
  • 11 Tips for Millennial Management


  • Learn to understand, value, and embrace generational differences

  • Resolve differences across generations

  • Combine the vision of progressive thinking with the wisdom of experience.

  • Identify character traits, capabilities, and priorities of the workforce of the future.

  • Design a learning and development strategy focused on meeting the needs of modern learners.