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MBA Foundations
Your Access
to Business

This online certificate focuses on the fundamentals of business management. Develop your business management skills and get a glimpse of what an MBA from the University of Utah would look like. As the workplace continues to shift and change over time, this program will give you tools to prepare for the future. Grow your career by learning concepts in finance, accounting, statistics, and economics. These notions will build your confidence in discussing financial decisions, inspiring and leading a productive team, and developing a strategy that will change your business’s trajectory. This program will provide you with the skillset to grow and develop as a leader and be more confident to make decisions at work.

Taught by seven prestigious David Eccles Business School faculty members, this program will provide you with the essential leadership skills you need to advance your career knowledge of core principles covered in business. You can complete this program at your own pace, anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Students will need access to Excel to complete this certificate.


Presented By: Georgi Rausch, Ph.D.

In this course, we will learn how to develop, write, and present an inspirational speech. As a leader, people will be looking to you to guide them through challenging organizational changes and unfamiliar new projects.

Presented By: Don Wardell, Ph.D.

In this hands-on course, we will use Microsoft Excel to build spreadsheet models that include key performance indicators linked to variables under the decision makers’ control. We will then use Excel’s Solver tool to find the solution that optimizes the key performance indicator. We will apply the techniques to applications in various functions of business.

Presented By: Scott Schaefer, Ph.D.

In this class, we tackle some big questions. What is value? What is the role of markets in creating value? How do prices guide the behavior of companies and individuals? The answers will give insight into the role of business in a free enterprise economy and the conditions under which markets serve people’s interests. Along the way, we’ll be pulling out important insights for managerial practice, and we’ll liven things up with examples from Professor Schaefer’s Roadside MBA Project.

Presented By: Glen Kreiner, Ph.D.

Leading is hard work, whether it is leading a team, an organization, or even yourself. This course focuses on leadership processes that researchers and practitioners have shown to be effective. Topics include self-leadership, perception pitfalls, managing a diverse workforce, improving performance, team structure, decision-making, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence. We take a positive, mindful approach to leadership that helps students learn best practices they can apply at work, at home, and in the community.

Presented By: Manu Goyal, Ph.D.

Matching supply with demand is an enormous challenge for firms: excess supply is too costly, inadequate supply irritates customers. In this course, we will explore how firms can better organize their operations to deliver the right products for the right customers at the right time. We will address and answer such diverse questions as: Should airlines bump passengers? Should women have more public restrooms than men? Since justice delayed is justice denied, how to ensure timely judicial outcomes?

Presented By: Brian Cadman, Ph.D.

This course will focus on accounting principles. Using an example of a small business, we will learn how to create and evaluate a budget and raise money for organizations. We will then learn how to account for operations and evaluate performance and consider investing in growth.

Presented By: Bonita Austin, MBA

Leaders spend 30-50% of their time making decisions, but many turn out to be poor. This course will teach you where to look for strategic problems and opportunities and decide which ones you should tackle. You will learn how to structure problems, get to the underlying cause, and choose alternatives. You will use problem-solving techniques to include the perspectives of different people. Then these techniques will be applied to strategic problems and common personal dilemmas. You will walk away from this course with an improved ability to make good decisions.


100% online, led by instructor

On-demand access, 12 weeks to complete

Expected workload of 5 hours per module


The price of the program is $2,195. This presents a phenomenal value for anyone who wants to advance their career without committing to an entire MBA. You will learn in-demand skills taught by other professional education programs at a fraction of the cost. You will learn these foundational skills from our esteemed faculty. In fact, the classes in this certificate are taught by many of the same professors who teach our conventional MBA programs.

Participants who complete the MBA Foundations certificate will receive a $1,500 scholarship applicable towards the tuition of any of the four MBA programs at the University of Utah. To qualify for the scholarship, participants must apply for the MBA program and be admitted. The scholarship is eligible for up to 18 months after completing the MBA Foundations certificate.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with one of our directors to discuss your career goals.

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This program was designed to be the perfect set of classes for anyone who wants to build a robust business foundation in a short amount of time. Whether you want to establish fundamentals business skills for the first time or just brush up on business acumen, this is the certificate for you.

Personal Impact

  • Advance your career
  • Participate more fully in business meetings
  • Demonstrate your value in the workplace
  • Become a more decisive leader
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of key business concepts

Organizational Impact

  • Invest in early-career leaders
  • Inspire leaders to identify opportunities
  • Encourage informed decision-making
  • Create a culture of continued learning
  • Establish baseline knowledge and understanding of key business concepts

Proof of accomplishment

In addition to developing knowledge, skills, and a professional network; You will receive a certificate, a digital badge for your LinkedIn profile and SHRM credits as proof of your accomplishment.



MBA Foundations Certificate Digital Badge

LinkedIn Badge

SHRM Recertification Provider 2020

40 SHRM Credits

Eccles Executive Education is recognized by SHRM to offer SHRM-CP or SHRMSCP professional development credits (PDCs). This program is valid for 40 PDCs. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit SHRMCertification.org.

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