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Course Information and Timing for Pathway 3:

Pre-requisite classes (offered online):

  • ACCTG 5050 Fundamentals of Accounting
  • FINAN 5050 Financial Management

Classes offered:

  • ACCTG 5110 – Financial Accounting I
  • ACCTG 5210 – Management Accounting I

Students will begin the MAcc Program in the summer and these classes will be in person. Once students starts the program, the majority of classes are offered in person and during the day. We do have online and evening options, but can only guarantee an online or evening schedule at a part-time rate.

  • ACCTG 5120 – Financial Accounting II
  • ACCTG 6610 – Reading & Interpreting Financial Statements
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Admission Requirements

For information on the program and the application process, please contact Lashelle.Mann@Eccles.Utah.edu or stop by during our online drop-in office hours.