Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is a wave sweeping across businesses in every industry, from the small to the enterprise. Digital transformation has integrated into all functions of an organization from supply chain to sales, thus resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

This online certificate is designed for leaders looking to lead their organizations, departments, or teams into the digital transformation world (no experience necessary). Digital transformation is reshaping how technology, people, and processes are combined to create value for organizations. This certificate program introduces predictive analytics, big data, information systems, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. In this program, you will discover the tools of the 21st century to unlock the growth potential in your organization.

The Classes

Presented By:
Spencer Montgomery, MBA

The internet changed the way people communicate and share information, likewise, blockchain technology is fundamentally changing the way people interact and exchange objects of value. Understanding the potential for blockchain will require a blend of understanding of finance, economics, culture, and history. In this course, we will simplify complicated topics so that not only you will understand the technology, but also foresee potential use cases that could impact the businesses you currently work in.