Lean Operations
Continuous improvement is essential for success on an individual and organizational level. These certificate programs provide leaders with the necessary tools and actions to increase productivity and profitability for their organizations.

Upcoming Programs

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Non-Manufacturing Industries

Increase productivity and boost the bottom line by applying principles of Lean Six Sigma to your organization. In this program for executives in non-manufacturing industries, you will learn the foundational principles of Six Sigma and earn a Green Belt Certification following completion of a process-improvement project.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Manufacturing Industries

Gain a competitive advantage by applying the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to your organization. Blending simulation exercises with lectures and group work sessions, this program goes in-depth for leaders in manufacturing industries. You will gain proven frameworks for allocating resources more strategically to grow the bottom line.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Designed for leaders who have completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Manufacturing Industries, this program provides advanced training in technical process-improvement techniques. You’ll learn how to increase productivity, process flow and customer satisfaction while also decreasing total defects, cycle time and work-in-progress delays.

Lean Expert

Ready for a master-level class on Lean Strategies? This program builds on the foundational principles of Lean and teaches participants how to better manage the complex challenges that arise when deploying and sustaining Lean practices in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments.