Current Student Resources

Please see below for common forms and links used by current MSIS students. For additional questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Student Forms

  • Core Waiver and Course Substitution Form
    • MSIS students should complete this form to petition for permission to waive core courses or take alternative elective courses.
  • Leave of Absence Request
    • The University of Utah requires all graduate students to be continuously enrolled in at least three credits each fall and spring semester. Students who need to take a break from classes for personal, financial, or medical reasons are permitted to petition for a leave of absence from their program for the duration of a fall or spring term. Students should submit this form to their advisor to request a leave of absence. Note that students cannot take a leave of absence during their first semester in the program.
  • Graduate Transfer Credit Authorization
    • Students who would like to transfer graduate courses from an institution outside of the University of Utah will need to first obtain the approval of the program director and then submit the above form.

Useful Links

  • Tuition Rate Chart
    • Calculate your tuition per semester.
  • The Graduate School
    • Find a wealth of information relevant to current University of Utah graduate students, including policies, graduation information, student forms and additional resources.
  • Graduation Information
    • Find out more about general commencement as well as the Eccles School graduation ceremonies.
  • Office of the Registrar
    • Learn about course registration, view the University academic calendar and more.