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Regina Mavis
Regina MavisDirector, Admissions
Kayla Daulton
Kayla DaultonAssociate Director, Admissions
Laurie Bragg
Laurie BraggAssociate Director, IS Programs
Cathy Brown
Cathy BrownAcademic Advising Coordinator
Denise DeCoite
Denise DeCoiteCareer Coach
Meghan Bubel
Meghan BubelCoordinator, Admission and Marketing
Halie Rosenkrantz
Halie RosenkrantzAdmissions Recruiter
Somer Jones
Somer JonesAdmissions Recruiter
Alexis Holdeman
Alexis HoldemanAdmissions Coordinator
Kate Hull
Kate HullAdmissions Coordinator
Natalie Robinia
Natalie RobiniaAdmissions Coordinator
Havovi Antia
Havovi AntiaAdmissions Recruiter (Mumbai, India)
Enni Su
Enni SuMSIS, Graduate Ambassador