At the David Eccles School of Business, we understand that a well-rounded business education is more than lectures and reading. Throughout the program, MSIS students take the knowledge gained in the classroom and put it into practice. Hands-on participation is an integral part of the Eccles School student experience, more co-curricular than extracurricular.

Speaking of experience, our students have more of it under their belts than many graduate students at the Eccles School — the average MSIS student has 4-5 years of work experience prior to starting the program. What’s more, our students also bring a wealth of diverse backgrounds in terms of academic, professional, and global experience. The result is a robust community, where talking with your peers is often as inspirational as your classes.

The MSIS student experience can include engaging in the Eccles School’s clubs and organizations, tackling real technology problems via the capstone project, and receiving hands-on guidance from veteran entrepreneurs at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. Whether on-campus or off, MSIS students benefit from the intersection of academic principles and real-world application.