Thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporate donors, and the University of Utah, the David Eccles School of Business provides scholarship opportunities to exceptional students.

Students who are admitted into the program and complete the scholarship application by the final scholarship deadline will be considered for one scholarship. The Scholarship Committee will make their candidate selection for the spring cohort on the following dates: Aug 31st, Sept 15th, Sept 29th, Oct 13th, Oct 31st, Nov 17th, and Nov 30th (final scholarship deadline). For the fall cohort, the Scholarship Committee will make their candidate selection on the following dates: Jan 31st, Feb 16th, Feb 19th, Mar 15th, Mar 29th, Apr 12th, Apr 26th, May 10th, May 24th, Jun 7th, and Jun 28th (final scholarship deadline).

Note: Admitted students will automatically receive the Scholarship Application by email.

Recent U of U Alumni who have been admitted and completed an undergraduate degree within the past five years will automatically receive a $2,500 scholarship. You can also apply for a program scholarship.

The amount awarded depends on the annual tuition benefit plan of the student’s employer. The maximum amount that can be matched is $5,000. To be considered, CLICK HERE and fill out the form for students. Please allow 3-5 business days for an admissions coordinator to review your form and verify employment. Note that you must be formally admitted into one of our eligible programs to be considered for this scholarship. If you were awarded a merit- or need-based scholarship, then you aren’t eligible to receive this scholarship. We can, however, work with you to change your merit- or need-based scholarship to the employer tuition benefit scholarship.

Program scholarships are competitive and prestigious. Applicants will be evaluated holistically based on GPA, academic and professional achievements, and financial need. The scholarship amounts vary. We do not offer full-ride or full-tuition scholarships. While you have several opportunities to apply for a scholarship prior to the spring or fall final scholarship deadline, funds are limited, and it is best to apply early. Only one scholarship application per applicant will be considered during either the spring (August – November) or fall (January – June) open enrollment period.