College is a time of uncertainty, and for many, that uncertainty is scary.

High school senior Addie Collins had similar doubts, as many students experience at some point. Collins hails from Portland, Oregon, and after high school, she was uncertain about college as a whole. Still, she gave the University of Utah a trial run. Collins decided to major in nursing, and ended up staying in Utah. Unsure what she wanted to do, or even what to do next, Collins knew she was in the right place to figure it out.

“If you don’t know what you’re doing,” Collins said, “it doesn’t matter.”

Embracing the uncertainty is exactly what Collins said led her in the right direction.

Collins continued to pursue nursing for two years, but eventually, realized that she didn’t feel a passion for nursing in the way that she believed she should. In light of that, Collins decided to go to Barcelona for an International Business study abroad trip. That trip helped to change her perspective on business. Soon after that trip, she reached out to the Goff Strategic Leadership Center about participating in a summer course.

“Go in with an open mind,” Collins said, “because anything can happen.”

Collins knew that she would learn things she couldn’t learn simply sitting in a classroom whether she had a good or bad experience with a company that she was paired with.

“The learning experience is also about finding out what you don’t like,” Collins said, “The application to my actual life, the resources, the professors, and the genuine care for each student separates Goff from other organizations at the U.”

Though Collins was prepared for any outcome, she was able to have a life changing experience working with a consulting firm based in Utah.

Goff Explorers is a credited course focused on students in their first two years of college searching for their first experience in a professional work setting.

“Goff knows what it’s like in the professional world,” Collins said, “Even if you have zero clue what you want to do and might not even know your major, Goff can help.”

Collins was paired with the Shari Levitin Group, a sales consulting firm in Salt Lake City. The Shari Levitin Group is a sales consulting firm that helps to train business sales staff, teach master classes, and so much more. Levitin is the company herself. In their first meeting, Levitin asked Collins what her goals were. Collins replied saying that she wanted to know every basic sales concept, and whatever other pieces of knowledge that Levitin could provide. The two ended up having a four-hour conversation before Levitin decided that she wanted Collins to work at her home office every day so Collins could experience a very detailed job shadowing.

“I was sitting in on every sales call,” Collins said, “and she was introducing me as her assistant.”