Trailblazers Program

STRAT 5800, 3 CH, M/W 2:00-3:20 p.m.

Are you seeking leadership development and impactful work? Look no further, in Trailblazers you get both.

In Trailblazers, students learn the Six Principles of Strategic Leadership, reflect on their leadership skills, and hear from experienced guest speakers. To put the lessons to practice, Trailblazers work in teams to find creative recommendations to complex challenges faced by local nonprofits and organizations.

Regardless of your major, Trailblazers learn transferable skills that will have an impact on your life after college, like navigating teams, strategic thinking, resourcefulness, and more.

Trailblazers Information:

  • One semester, offered Fall and Spring semesters. Preference may go to student with junior or senior status.

  • Eccles BCOR students must h