Todd Zenger, Ph.D.

Why Strategic Leadership?

Dr. Zenger’s Research
Research Interests: Corporate Strategy. Strategic Leadership. Organization Design.

Drawing on extensive analysis and years of research, this book is for leaders seeking a framework to help them create value and sustainable growth.

While salary transparency often succeeds in remedying pay inequities, it has limitations – and in fact may have unintended side effects.

Featured Research Highlight: What Makes a Decision Strategic?

Leaders should consider these specific factors when deciding how to prioritize decisions to maximize value creation.

Jay Barney, Ph.D.

Meet the Scholar: Interview with the Academy of Management/Strategic Management Division

Dr. Barney’s Research
Research Interests: Strategy. Entrepreneurship. Competitive Advantage.

This book is for managers and leaders who want to effectively apply strategy to real life, especially as they navigate the messiness of human dynamics.

Dr. Barney discusses his approach to teaching entrepreneurship and helping students understand how to create competitive advantages.

Since not all stakeholders have equal claims to firm’s profits, how can leaders navigate tensions between maximizing the wealth of a firm’s shareholders while addressing the interests of all other stakeholders?

William Hersterly, Ph.D.

Meet the Scholar: Interview with the University of Utah

Dr. Hesterly’s Research
Research Interests: Value Creation. Strategy. Innovation.

Co-authored with Jay Barney, this textbook presents core strategy concepts in accessible ways, helping students learn to analyze real business situations.

Malcolm Gladwell references Hesterly’s research in tracing the history and economics behind how high-level professionals and star performers have come to be paid so much.

Featured Research Highlight: How Strategic Alliances Impact Value Creation

Leaders evaluating the value creation potential of partnerships should consider some key factors, outlined here.

Elizabeth Tenney, Ph.D.

Goff Faculty Affiliate Research Highlight: Amplifying Colleagues’ Voices

Dr. Tenney’s Research
Research Interests: Overconfidence. Optimism. Organizational Behavior. Judgement and Decision-Making. Credibility. Performance. Person Perception.

As companies increasingly prioritize making decisions based on insights from experiments and data, business schools should take these actions to teach MBA students how to leverage experiments and pull actionable insights.

Strategic leaders share compelling and ambition visions for their organizations –but should be careful to avoid the trap of overconfidence.