Frequently Asked Questions

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Goff Scholars and Trailblazers are targeting students in their final two years (juniors and seniors) while Goff Explorers is targeting those in their first couple of years (first-years and sophomores). Learn more.

All Goff Scholars students receive a scholarship of $2,000 for 2 Semesters. At the beginning of each semester, fall AND spring, $1,000 will be awarded through Academic Works.

All Goff Trailblazers students receive a scholarship of $1,000 for 1 semester, either fall OR spring, depending on the semester they are enrolled in the course. The scholarship money will be awarded through Academic Works.

Students who have received scholarships from other entities that cover the full tuition for the semester(s) enrolled in Goff course(s) will not receive a scholarship from Goff SLC.

Currently, both Goff Scholars and Goff Trailblazers can count towards elective credit for the ENTP Major and Minor as well as credit towards the QAMO major. Additionally, Goff Trailblazers counts towards the leadership minor and Bennion Center Community Engaged Certificate.

Please contact your academic advisor with questions regarding this credit.

All students at the U can connect with us at Goff by joining the Take Lead, participating in our case competitions, leadership workshops, and other events throughout the year, and engaging with us on social media.

Check out all our options outside the classroom!

Absolutely! We believe that all students have strategic leadership potential and invite all students at the U to join us.

Our events are planned by students OR with student feedback in mind, so they change year-to-year, and semester-to-semester based on what students would like to do, learn more about, or experience. In the past, we have held alumni-student socials, workshops on networking, and robust case competitions. If you are interested in attending an event, see our Students page or follow us on social media (@GoffSLC).

Find us on social media (@GoffSLC), check out our student page [link to student page], or join the Goff Club on Campus Connect.

Yes! Think of a case competition as a mini-internship or real-world experience.  They can last anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks in length.

Learn more here.

Great question. Case competitions come with a lot of unknowns and ambiguity, so it can definitely be difficult to know where to start. Check out our case competition overview video for some ideas.

We are located on the third floor of the Robert H. and Katharine B. Garff Building in suite 3275. Our space has a large suite and conference room that Goff students can use to work on projects and study.

Great question and you’ve certainly come to the right place! To learn more about strategic leadership and what it means to our staff, faculty, and community partners, see our About Us page.

Learning how to be a strategic leader will help you elevate your impact, regardless of your major or career path. Engaging with Goff will teach you essential skills that give you a leg up in your job/grad school search process, and make you a more effective change agent. If you want to learn how to make a real impact and build your resume in the process, learn more here.

Goff is active on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Follow us @GoffSLC for updates! If you are interested in the club, find them on Campus Connect. We also host a LinkedIn group for current Goff students and Goff alumni. Request to join here.

We welcome all Goff alumni to join our Goff Strategic Leadership Community LinkedIn Group. In this group you’ll find current students, professionals, and Goff team members dedicated to growing our strategic leadership skills and making an impact. We use your input to create social events, opportunities to give back to students, and professional development opportunities – all with a focus on bringing our community of leaders together for connection and learning. Join us!

Real-world projects are a key component of our students’ learning experience, and our student teams can provide valuable recommendations and research to help you tackle projects or challenges you are facing. We bring student leaders together through courses and programs while providing them support and training along the way, enabling students to add value to clients across the nation. To learn about different opportunities to harness student talent, visit our Alumni + Community Partners page.

Thank you for your interest! Coaches provide guidance and feedback to student teams as they solve real, complex strategic challenges. Coaching opportunities range from weekend events to semester-long projects.

By signing up here, your name will be added to a list of potential coaches. Once new opportunities arise, we will reach out to discuss the opportunity and determine whether it’s a good fit.