Frequently Asked Questions

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Goff Scholars and Trailblazers are targeting students in their final two years (juniors and seniors) while Goff Explorers is targeting those in their first couple of years (first-years and sophomores). Learn more.

All Goff Scholars students receive a scholarship of $2,000 for 2 Semesters. At the beginning of each semester, fall AND spring, $1,000 will be awarded through Academic Works.

All Goff Trailblazers students receive a scholarship of $1,000 for 1 semester, either fall OR spring, depending on the semester they are enrolled in the course. The scholarship money will be awarded through Academic Works.

Students who have received scholarships from other entities that cover the full tuition for the semester(s) enrolled in Goff course(s) will not receive a scholarship from Goff SLC.

Currently, both Goff Scholars and Goff Trailblazers can count towards elective credit for the ENTP Major and Minor as well as credit towards the QAMO major. Additionally, Goff Trailblazers counts towards the leadership minor and Bennion Center Community Engaged Certificate.

Please contact your academic advisor with questions regarding this credit.