Scholars Program

STRAT 5820, 3 CH, M/W 3:40-5:40 p.m.

Students often spend their time in college learning about the hypotheticals rather than solving actual problems. At Goff, we give students that real-world experience. If you are looking for a chance challenge yourself and share your ideas with founders, CEOs, and leaders… Scholars is the place for you.

Scholars is a project-based class where you get the chance to work with and lead small groups in pursuit of helping real companies. Scholars gives you a crash-course in project management, teamwork, presentation skills, and strategic thinking – all while developing lifelong friendships

In Scholars, students will work on multiple projects over the two semesters, putting into practice what they learn from each one as they tackle the next challenge. Professor Bonita Austin will prepare students along the way by teaching strategy frameworks and business analytics tools to support class projects and future business careers.

Scholars Information:

  • Two semesters, Fall and Spring Semester